BOOK REVIEW: Fate Sealed (Ravencrest Academy #4) by Theresa KayFate Sealed (Ravencrest Academy #4)
by Theresa Kay
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Playing games can have deadly consequences.

After exposing a secret lab and illegal experiments, I assumed the culprits would be held accountable. Unfortunately, I underestimated how deep the corruption within OSA runs. Instead of punishing the actual criminals, OSA expels me.

But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up.

As I dig deeper into the Dumont family’s past, I find a surprising connection to the present. The fae have been manipulating events far longer than anyone suspects, and the Wild Hunt is closing in on any witch who dares to use fae magic—including me.

Dragged into the fae realm, I’m forced to compete in their games where every choice could mean my death. Worse, the fae hold no love for witches, not even those with royal blood. They would rather watch us all die than see one of us emerge victorious.

With the odds stacked against me, there’s only one way to save the boy whose fate is entwined with mine and the other witches brought here against their will.

I have to win.

Fate Sealed is the final book in the Ravencrest Academy series, an exciting YA supernatural academy series with a slow burn rivals-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans of Bloodline Academy, Paranormal Academy, and Demigods Academy.


Fate Sealed was my favorite book in the Ravencrest Academy Series!  And that’s saying a lot, because I loved the enemies to lovers vibe in the first book, Magic BoundThis story brimmed with action, friendship and love!  And the latter half had a grittiness to it that had me desperately needing to know what happened next!  If you’re looking for a young adult romance, academy series, or a series that makes you want to not stop reading, then definitely give this one a try!

Here, in this moment, there is nothing but the two of us and I let myself get lost in his touch, the rest of the world fading away.

What started out as an enemies to lovers romance, has four books later turned into a beautiful, heartfelt relationship.  I loved how much Tristan and Selene came to rely on one other.  I loved that they had each other’s backs.  And that they were able to overcome unfathomable obstacles by working together!  Selene and Tristan were definitely a formable pair, and they were so easy to fall in love with!

It seems the more people I draw into my orbit, the more people get hurt.

There were so many happy moments within these pages!  With Selene and her father, you’ll love watching him make the story come alive of how he met her mom.  My heart absolutely soared.  Having all of our friends’ back that we love so much?!  It made this story so much fun!  Her grandparents, Adrian, and so many more shined brightly in this story.  They were unique and added so much heart!

But whatever impressions I had before don’t matter. The stakes have become crystal clear and there’s no room for error.

This story also had so much political intrigue within the human, witch, shifter and fae worlds!  OSA made my blood boil by turning a blind eye to criminals.  The Wild Hunt left me terrified of the fae at every turn.  The blanks, shifters and witches, there are so many things for you to discover about them in this story.  So when you put it all together, it wove a fascinating tale that made this book impossible to put down!

A sense of utter hopelessness takes over as the reality of my situation comes into even sharper focus. I slide down the wall as my legs give out and I end up sitting on the floor, the cold stone sending a chill through my body. My chin drops to my chest and I pull my knees up, curling in on myself as I finally allow the tears to fall.

It felt like at times as though we couldn’t catch our breath.  From being chased, to the games, I kept hoping everyone would be okay.  If you have read Theresa’s other series, you’ll know that not everyone is safe and makes it to that final page.  So when the game started, I was so nervous.  They were intense and put Selene and Tristan in horrific situations.  So with the stakes even higher, and twists and turns that were phenomenal, this story owned me!  And by that final page I even shed a couple of tears ♥.

We’re both sweaty and more than a little dirty, but I don’t care. And neither does he. He takes hold of my face and slams his lips down on mine, a mix of passion and fear and relief turning the kiss into something almost desperate.

This book wrapped up Tristan and Selene’s story so wonderfully!  We got all of the answers we’ve been desperately waiting for!  Yet there was a thread or two left, which leaves the possibility for a spinoff series.  And I am so excited about that!  So yes, I can’t recommend this series enough.  It’s one that will stay in my heart for a long time to come!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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