BOOK REVIEW: Ward Locked (Ravencrest Academy #3) by Theresa KayWard Locked (Ravencrest Academy #3)
by Theresa Kay
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New classes. New director. And lots of new rules.

After spending my three-week Winter Break under magical house arrest, I’m looking forward to returning to school. But when I get there, everything has changed.

OSA has tightened its hold on every academy and Ravencrest’s new director takes the restrictions a step further, leaving me without my two closest friends. Worse, the boy who left me behind is back on campus with an even bigger surprise in tow…one that involves a ring.

And all that is the least of my worries.

Shifters and witches are disappearing and someone is working in the shadows, twisting magic to their whims in unnatural ways. With my own magic still out of control, my biggest issue will be figuring out who to trust. Making the wrong choice could be the last thing I ever do.

Ward Locked is the third book in the Ravencrest Academy series, an exciting YA supernatural academy series with a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans of Paranormal Academy, Legacy Academy, and Darkblood Academy.


Ward Locked was filled with mysteries, friendship, love, political intrigue, and fabulous twists and turns.  With fae, witches, wolves and vampires, oh my, this book was so much fun!  This story made me fall that much harder for the Ravencrest Academy series! 

If someone had told me six months ago that I’d be sitting in the backseat of a fancy car with a driver as I returned to my super exclusive private school, I’d have laughed.

Coming back to school, there were so many changes.  Those we loved from the previous books weren’t there.  Students, teachers, staff….they were just gone.  It caused so much unrest, and heartache for Selene.  Yet it wasn’t a simple black and white answer for why some of those were gone.  OSA didn’t even remember them.  And if that wasn’t enough, Tristan was back at school with a fiancé.  Who was even in some of Selene’s classes.  There were so many obstacles in Selene’s life and world, and I loved watching her try her best to persevere!

Every bit of common sense I have is screaming that this is asking for trouble, that I’m going to end up hurt, that—
And then he kisses me, and all thoughts leave my head.

I was so happy with how many answers we got within these pages!  Multiple about Selene!  And watching her come into her own power was beyond phenomenal!  But so much was going on around her.  Not only with the disappearance of people, but what you’ll learn about the Hunt.  There were also moments that made me see red, like the self-defense with Callahan.  And a character whose name I don’t want to mention for spoilers, but every moment with them made me want to punch them in the throat.  So while there was still some good surrounding her, there was so much that needed to be fixed.

My gaze clashes with his, and there are all sorts of things I can read in his golden-brown eyes. Lust. Love. Pain. Hope.
I can’t encourage any of those emotions, but it’s that last one I really can’t afford to give in to. To do so would only hurt myself.
“We can’t do this,” I pant out. “You’re engaged.”
“You know that’s not real.”
“It’s real enough,” I snap.

Like Tristan.  Sigh.  I still love him with all of my heart.  Yet when he apologized to Selene for being engaged, nope I wasn’t hearing it!  I was just as upset as she was.  I wanted him to stand up to his mom and end it.  Yet as the picture was painted for us, things were even more dire than I could have fathomed.  I had no clue how it was going to be fixed!  Yet I kept the hope alive.  And that’s all I’m saying about that ♥.

“Wait fifteen minutes and then head for Marie’s office. I will create a distraction.”
“A distraction? What is that supposed to mean?”
His expression goes cold. “Marie is looking for fae. I shall give her one.”

This story had so many twists and turns in the latter half.  As someone who loves being able to guess what will happen next, there was so much that left me grappling.  I had absolutely no clue how certain things were going to unfold.  So hold on, because it was a very bumpy ride and I loved every minute of it!  

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