BOOK REVIEW: Spell Linked (Ravencrest Academy #2) by Theresa Kay

BOOK REVIEW: Spell Linked (Ravencrest Academy #2) by Theresa KaySpell Linked (Ravencrest Academy #2)
by Theresa Kay
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School sucks, even for the supernaturally gifted.

The fallout from last quarter is worse than I could have ever imagined and hostilities between shifters and witches are intensifying by the day. OSA has practically taken over campus in their search for Bitten witches—and any traitors who didn’t report them. Including... me.

But that's not the only secret I have to hide.

My powers are growing, while my control over them is not. Unfortunately, there's no one I can turn to for help. My roommate's already suffered the consequences of being drawn into my problems, and after a magical mishap ends with another friend being blasted across the room, I refuse to endanger anyone else. Still, I'm a little tempted to give some magical payback to the arrogant witch-boy who kisses me one minute and gives me the cold shoulder the next.

All of this aside, I still have to find a way to pass all my classes. With the end of semester tournament closing in, there’s no time for mistakes. In this volatile equation, one little slip-up could be deadly.

Spell Linked is the second book in the Ravencrest Academy series, an exciting new YA paranormal academy series with a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans of Supernatural Academy, Bloodline Academy, and Oberon Academy.


Spell Linked was a fabulous continuation of the Ravencrest Academy series!  And if it’s been a while since you read that first one, no worries, the beginning gave us a great summary of the previous book.  It was quick, caught me up to speed, and fit in so effortlessly.  If you love academy and young adult books, then you need this series in your life!  

When he says things like that it makes me want things I shouldn’t.
Like him.

I loved Selene’s voice so much!  She was so easy to like and click with.  So I wanted to clap out loud and cheer for her when she finally found something at school she was good at.  Sigils!  It was such a huge win and I was so happy for her!  Even if it did leave me with more questions.  She was still growing and had so much to figure out….not only with her school work, but her powers, and who was trustworthy too.  So yes she did have some mistakes along the way.  But I loved that she learned from them.  And tried her best to do better the next time!

“….No matter what they say or do tonight, they can’t affect you. This isn’t your life unless you choose it.”

Tristan is still the king of hot and cold.  Yet after what happened at the end of book one, I understood why.  He didn’t know what to think.  His whole world got turned upside down and he was stuck in a horrific position.  I’d be jaded and wary if I was him too!  Yet Tristan was still protective of Selene.  He was the sigh-worthy person we fell in love with in that first book.  And the dress?!  Sigh.  As we continued to learn more about him, my heart continued to break but I found myself falling harder.  And I was counting the minutes until Tristan and Selene were together!

Blood doesn’t make a family, people do.

Friendship was still such a strong theme.  I adored Selene and Adrian’s friendship.  Their platonic relationship was done beautifully.  And Basil, oh his matchmaker ways had me laughing out loud!  He just wanted what was best for Selene and he is my favorite type of grandpa character!  I also loved her friendship with Isobel.  And of course the romance between Tristan and Selene, will they or won’t they.  That got answered in this book!

His eyes are closed, his hands at his sides, every bit of him under careful control. Control I want him to lose.

Spell Linked was laced with a mysterious element that had me guessing from that first page to the last.  And just know that while we got answers in this book, there are still so many to come in books 3 & 4!  I can’t recommend this series enough!

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  1. Lisa+Mandina+(Lisa+Loves+Literature)

    This series does sound good! I wonder if I can get it in paperback for my school library. I’ll have to look on Amazon and see. Great review!

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