BOOK REVIEW – Half-Blood (Covenant #1) by Jennifer L. ArmentroutHalf-Blood (Covenant #1)
by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Bravo Jennifer, Bravo. When I read the synopsis of this book, I was utterly confused. There were so many terms that I had never seen or heard of, so I was nervous to give this book a try. But thank gods (lol) I did! I decided to go on blind faith because I loved Jennifer’s other YA series, which I still think about at LEAST once a week, and because she is a great writer. She has a way of getting under your skin and consuming you, and that is exactly what she did with this book. She invaded my mind and made me fall in love with yet another of her male leads. I shouldn’t be surprised, I really shouldn’t-she truly is an excellent author.

The story starts with Alex on the run, because her mother pulled her out of the covenant three years prior, and she is both trying to stay alive and make it back to the covenant in one piece after her mother’s gruesome death by Daimon. By being pulled from the covenant, she is now behind in her training, and there is still question as to whether she could truly catch up and resume studies with all her peers. In comes Aiden.

I can’t even begin to try and explain half-bloods and pures, so I will just make it simple and say that Alex and Aiden can’t (or at least aren’t supposed to) engage in a relationship.

She honestly isn’t even supposed to be in close proximity to him or be comforted by him-these are the standards they are to conform to. So forbidden love it is 🙂 and we all know that’s the best kind. Another thing that I can’t help but gush about is the amount of peril always discreetly placed within the pages by this author. I am always guaranteed to be on the edge of my seat and begging for more. I absolutely adore climactic suspense, and of course, Half-Blood delivered. I can only assume there is more to come with this promising YA series.

I have a feeling there is a somewhat complicated love triangle to come, and I don’t know if my poor heart can handle that after the series I just finished, sigh. But this is just one of the many sacrifices I would make so I can read another Jennifer L. Armentrout novel-they are all pure gold. So with a leary outlook on what Alex’s love life will come to, I move forward to Pure, the second installment in this series.

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