BOOK REVIEW: How to Cowboy (Creedence Horse Rescue #3) by Jennie Marts

BOOK REVIEW: How to Cowboy (Creedence Horse Rescue #3) by Jennie MartsHow to Cowboy (Creedence Horse Rescue #3)
by Jennie Marts
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How do you heal a broken heart?

After one injury too many, Cade Callahan gave up the rodeo for a simpler life working at his cousin's horse rescue ranch. But his life turns upside down when his estranged daughter is placed in his custody after a tragic car accident. Wanting nothing to do with her father, thirteen-year-old Allie struggles to adjust to her new life.

Newly single and living out of her mother's basement, physical therapist Nora Fisher doesn't think twice about taking a job as a traveling therapist for Cade's daughter. The trouble is, she doesn't know anything about horses, or hunky cowboys. Now both in way over their heads, can Cade and Nora find a way to help Allie, and trust in the attraction building between them?


How to Cowboy was an emotional, heartwarming tale that romance lovers will fall hard for!  With a romance story I was rooting for, a child who captured my heart and animals I adored, this story was such a huge win!  I couldn’t stop smiling, even with all of the emotion packed into the pages.  And the tears falling at times.  So if you’re a fan of adult romance, then you definitely need this book in your life!

“You okay?” Nora whispered.
Her heart tore in two as he blinked back tears. But then he slowly nodded. She wanted to go to them, to take both of them into her arms and tell them everything would be okay. But it wouldn’t be okay. Not for Allie. Not for a very long time.

Cade hadn’t spent much time with his daughter, Allie.  But when Allie’s mother suddenly passed away in a car accident, Cade found himself bringing his daughter back to the ranch.  Being so far away from the city, he hired a traveling physical therapist.  Nora moved in next to them to help Allie recover from the accident.  And nothing was easy.  There was so much emotional healing that had to take place for all three of them.  But with time, friendship patience, love and animals, this book sailed fabulously into a happily ever after!

She clutch the towel to her chest. “My heart is still racing.”
“Your heart is racing? Darlin’, I’m the one who just missed out on seeing a naked woman having a tug-of-war with a goat.”
That was it. A laugh burst from her, and she couldn’t stop.

I was obsessed with Cade!  He was strong, sexy, seductive without even trying and he had a heart of gold!  And while he was sure when it came to horses, and working on his cousin’s horse rescue ranch, he wasn’t so sure when it came to his thirteen year old daughter.  He was in over his head at times and it felt like he had to walk on egg shells.  Thankfully Allie quickly connected with Nora.  And Cade felt something when it came to Nora too.  Yes there was an instant attraction.  But there was something more.  With each passing moment that they were near each other, it became harder to deny the chemistry and longing between the two of them!

He leaned down and softly grazed her lips with his— not quite a kiss but enough to feel the soft catch of her breath and the delicious enticement of her mouth.
“What’s this going to cost me? ” he whispered, but he already knew the answer.
It was going to cost him everything.

I absolutely adored Nora!  Her backstory pulled at my heart.  And the way she helped Allie warmed my soul.  She was so kind and caring.  But she was definitely jaded from her past.  So I was happy to see how quickly she warmed to country living and all of the animals.  It was emotional to watch how she started to deeply care for Allie, as she helped her heal physically and emotionally.  But I loved most of all how she kept feeling a pull towards Cade.  They fit so seamlessly together.  It was like they had always known each other.  So when the first move was made, this book was a steamy, heartwarming read that I couldn’t get enough of!

They were all cracking up, and Allie shrieked with laughter as she tried to get behind Cade instead. “Help! Save me, Dad!”
Even through the squeals of laughter and with a shot of water hitting him in the chest, Cade heard the word and a crazy happiness spread through him. Allie had called him Dad, and the echo of it made his throat tight with emotion.

I loved being back in Creedence!  Seeing familiar faces from not only this series but the Cowboys of Creedence warmed my heart.  And while this book could easily be read as a standalone, I can’t recommend enough reading the previous books in this series.  Each one is about a different couple, and I loved them all.  With charm, humor and romance How to Cowboy was an instant favorite!  I loved all of the characters, including the animal ones too.  I loved how emotional it was having the animals bond with the humans.  Tiny and Otis’ antics had me cracking up and the new addition of Scout, Daisy and Clementine was the best.  So yes, this book was such a huge win and I can’t recommend it enough!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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***Each book can be read as a standalone, but best enjoyed in order.***

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  1. Theresa Hernandez

    Sounds like a great read, Jen!

    • Jen

      Her books are absolutely amazing. Each one I pick up, I fall so hard for ♥.

  2. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I very rarely find myself drawn to cowboy romances but this one sounds wonderful. I’ve never heard of Jennie Marts so she’s a new one for me. Cade sounds positively dreamy! I just adore those heart-of-gold heroes! 🙂
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…The Sunday Post #272 | December 19, 2021My Profile

    • Jen

      Me too, but I always make an exception for Jennie Marts. Her stories are absolutely phenomenal and give me ALL the feels ♥.

  3. Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    This one sounds like a fun read! And I think I would like the hero. Thanks for sharing, great review!
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted…L-L-L-Little Reviews #36: 3 AudiobooksMy Profile

    • Jen

      It was so much fun, I could see it playing out like a movie in my head so easily. And Cade was so yummy, I was addicted to him lol.

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