BOOK REVIEW: Dance With the Demon (Deals With Demons #2) by Stacia StarkDance With the Demon (Deals With Demons #2)
by Stacia Stark
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What’s scarier than hunting demons?
Being bonded to one of them.

Ever since I got involved with the demons, my life has fallen apart.

Now, I’m persona non grata with the mage council. And because of me, my sister is in danger. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m also the lead suspect in an attempted murder.

But it gets worse. I’m learning that everything I thought I knew about myself was a lie. And the underhanded demon who bonded with me? Well, he’s convinced he can keep me.

When an ancient fae artifact turns up missing, I have to use every trick up my sleeve to locate it. Someone wants to watch the world burn, and if I don’t stop them, every paranormal alive is a target.

Armed with a power I don’t understand, and with a demon I don’t trust by my side, it’s up to me to dodge the people who want me dead and protect my city.

Before Samael loses patience with whoever is hunting me and burns the city down himself.


Dance With the Demon was a fabulous continuation of the Deals with Demons Series!  Grimoires, bargains, prophecies, and betrayal swept through the story making it another addictive read!  I loved that we learned more about Danica’s life.  And her interactions with others like Gary, Mella and her sister, Evie.  Evie was one of my favorites because she cracked me up and I’m so excited that she got her own spinoff series!  But beware, because there were others within this story who will make you simmer with rage.

“I have lost everyone who ever mattered to me,” he hissed. “I won’t lose you too.”

Regardless of how Danica thought it would all play out, she found herself bonded with Samael.  I got her anger and rage.  Even if I was secretly excited about it since it was Samael *hides face*.  Because no matter what happened, Samael always protected her.  He was kind, thoughtful and tried his best to take care of her.  Or at least he did what he thought was best.  But then in the blink of an eye he had no problem going to his darker side.  I absolutely loved his morally grey self!  Yet Danica fought him every step of the way, since he had stolen her freedom.  Through it all they continued to have the most delicious sexual tension, a date that left me screaming with excitement and some moments that were hot, hot, hot! 

I slowly brushed one finger along the edge of the closest feather as he silently watched me.
“You’re beautiful,” I admitted.
He nodded. “I know.”
I burst out laughing, and he took the opportunity to climb onto the bed with me and capture my mouth with his. His wings blocked out the light, and it was as if the world had disappeared, and we were the only two people who existed.

In Dance with the Demon we got to know Samael better.  Oh he was such a tortured soul.  He had a horrific past that still haunted him to this day.  And it made sense why he was the way he was.  There was so much more to him than meets the eye.  And that had me falling harder for him.  The gestures he made were beautiful, I even got tears in my eyes.  And seeing that Danica was his humanity warmed my heart time and again.  So I couldn’t get enough of the moments when Samael and Danica were together!  We also got to see another side of Danica in this story.  Yes she faced things she didn’t want to.  But she also allowed herself to break down and my heart ached for her. 

I’d let him in, I realized. Somewhere along the way, I’d let him crawl beneath my rib cage, and he was buried there, where my fucking heart should be.
I was going to be sick.

This story played out like a movie in my head.  I can’t recommend it enough for fans of paranormal and urban fantasy! There was adventure, friendship, passion and so many different creatures that I was fascinated learning about. I also enjoyed that this story brought about more of a familial side, with Gary’s kids. I loved watching Samael interact with them. And of course again there’s so much I can’t talk about. But it was so much fun and I read this book way too quickly!

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