BOOK REVIEW: Sinful Like Us (Like Us #5) by Krista & Becca RitchieSinful Like Us (Like Us #5)
by Krista & Becca Ritchie
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Dating an American princess comes with a massive amount of baggage–all of which I’m willing to carry strapped on my back in quicksand and through seven hells. But Jane Cobalt’s baggage, I’m unprepared for. It comes in the form of her five equally famous and notoriously hard-to-please brothers.

I want Jane.

But when there’s a trip scheduled that I can’t be a part of, I only have one option. It’s immoral.
Something I’d never consider until now.

But, hell, there’s got to be some perks to being a twin. So I’m doing it. I’m switching places with my brother.

Done and done.

It should have been easy.

There were little consequences.

Until the storm hit.

I set the trophy on the table and hear Farrow, his voice picked up on Oscar’s radio. “Cobalts are extra as fuck.”
He’s not wrong.

The reason why I fly through all of these books came to me last night. These characters are home to me. And not just Moffy, Janie, Sulli, and the next generation but the Core 6, too. I have read every book in this series, some a few times over, and I will honestly never get sick of them. Even though the money they have and most of the problems that they face will NEVER be something I have to face, each character has a kernel of something that is relatable.

Take Jane for instance. She has spent this entire series thus far trying to find what she is passionate about. She has lived in the shadow of her parents and her aunts and uncles and feels deep inside her that she has to pick one thing to be good at. To excel at. To conquer. I love that before she does realize what that might be in this book, that she comes to terms with the fact that she doesn’t have to just find one thing to ~do~ that will make her special. I think that so many of us struggle with that every single day. I LOVE working in my library and most days can be pretty fulfilling but there are a lot of other days where I question if I’m doing enough. If I’m doing my part to help people and serve the community to the best of my ability. The older I get, the more I think its bullshit that teenagers fresh out of high school are forced to decide what they want to for the rest of their life. I’d say 9/10 young people have no fucking clue. AND THAT SHOULD BE OKAY. I personally have figured out what I have liked so far by actually having different jobs and trying them out and working with a myriad of different people.

Jane’s situation might be different because unlike most of us, even if she fails at something, she doesn’t have any kind of financial burden or stress on her back. But that shouldn’t even be focused on. The struggle in general should be. The fact that she has found an equal in Thatcher and that he supports her in every aspect of her life should be.

Did it hurt to see her struggle with fully accepting the fact that she loved Thatcher? Sure. Did it make sense after being in her mind and knowing WHY she was struggling? Yes. I mean she is ROSE CALLOWAY COBALT’S DAUGHTER. Rose, as mentioned several times, is a fucking queen and I could see how Jane might have thought that she needed to be entirely independent by herself and not realizing that she could just take Thatcher’s love and support and have that bolster her up even more than she already was doing herself. The ending was perfect in every way.

I enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to know a few of them more. Loved Kit’s solution for things at the end. Loved seeing more Banks. Still not sure about the future triad but whatever, Imma roll with it. The one thing that I keep feeling like I’m still left in the dark about a tad is the entire Cobalt clan. All of the boys are so………..much………..and I want to get inside all of their minds and figure them the fuck out. Like to me, the Meadows’s and the Hale’s are all pretty straightforward. Not any of those boys. Very curious to see more in the future….

Either way I’m still going to follow this crazy ass family to the ends of this earth and am DYINGGGGGGGGGG to get my hands on the wedding book ANDDDDD Willow and Garrison’s story.

P.S. And I feel like it’s incredibly dumb I need to add this but after reading some of the “reviews” on the next two books I felt like I had to. I read these books for the RELATIONSHIPS and PEOPLE not for the sex that “the middle aged soccer moms get off on.” Like I can see both sides, I really do but damn the amount of one stars and bashing I saw was pretty off the charts. I guess I just haven’t seen enough of the…drama and deleting of comments and whatever. So basically I just don’t want to see anyone being bashed about enjoying the books when they can be so much more than the sexual parts of the relationships. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh

“I’m going to protect you. Sempre toujours.”
I breathe in, shock and something stranger crashing into me.
Sepmpre toujours.
The first word is Italian, the second French.
It means, always always.

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