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We can’t believe it’s already been two years!  Two years that we have been able to share our love of books with you! *throws confetti*  We are so grateful for everyone that has joined us on our journey and we’re already clinking our glasses to many more years of blogging.   So in keeping with our constant theme of adoring books and the book boyfriends we meet in them, we’ve decided to have a month long celebration with giveaways 😀  We’re going to talk about our Fiercest BBfs, our Kindest BBFs, our Favorite Female Heroines, our Darkest BBFs and our Most Tortured BBFs……are you so excited?!  Because we are!  And with each post we’ll have a giveaway, and on 8/11 for our actual Blogiversary we’ll have multiple giveaways!  So here’s hoping you’ll gush with us throughout the month about the men we love and the women we admire ♥

Today we’re talking about Our Fiercest BBFs!  If you haven’t met any of them, we highly recommend you do!  And below our gushing list, that has a favorite quote from each book, is our first giveaway so you can meet one of our Fiercest BBfs.  Enjoy!

The Star-Crossed Ladies


Ronan from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater – (Review)

“Light, or something like light, reflected off it onto Ronan’s chin and cheeks, rendering him stark and handsome and terrifying and someone else. Then he blew on it. His breath passed through the word, the mirror, the unwritten line. Adam heard a whisper in his ear. Something moved and stirred inside him. Ronan’ s eyelashes fluttered darkly. What are we doing -”

six of crows leigh bardugo

Kaz from Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1) by Leigh Bardugo – (Review)

“He needed to tell her… what? That she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved. That he was twisted, crooked, wrong, but not so broken that he couldn’ t pull himself together into some semblance of a man for her. He needed to thank her for his new hat.”

rachel caine prince of shadowsBenvolio from Prince of Shadows by Rachel Caine – (Review)

“There was a wilderness trembling inside me that begged to let fly, and let the arrows fall as random as rain.”

fuel the fire ritchie

Connor from Fuel the Fire (Calloways Sisters #3) by Krista and Becca Ritchie – (Review)

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart.’” My lips pull higher, into a livelier smile. “‘I am, I am, I am.’”

the demon king cover

Han from The Demon King (Seven Realms #1) by Cinda Williams Chima – (Review)

“Haven’ t you heard about me?” he said, with a tight smile. “I’ m really a very dangerous person.” And he did look dangerous until he said, “Look, could you watch Dog for me while I’ m gone? I can’ t take him where I’ m going.”

all our yesterdays christin terrill

Finn from All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill – (Review)

“But maybe it’ s simpler than that. Maybe it’s that Finn has this magical ability to make you smile even when things are grim.”

scorpio races cover

Sean from The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater – (Review)

“I am here on firm ground, but part of me is already down on the beach, and my own blood is singing I’ m so, so alive”


angelfall susan eeRaffe from Angelfall (End of Days #1) by Susan Ee – (Review)

My friends call me Wrath,” says Raffe. “My enemies call me Please Have Mercy. What’s your name, soldier boy?”

Cal from Red Queen (Red Queen #1) by Victoria Aveyard – (Review)

“I still don’t know why you cared. You didn’t even know I was different.”

A moment passes in silence, broken only by the bark of lieutenants far below, still drilling even as the sun sets.

“You were different to me,” he finally murmurs.”

Elias from An Ember in the Ashes (An Ember in the Ashes #1)  by Sabaa Tahir – (Review)

“I don’t know what happened to you,” I say. “I don’t know who my father was or why you hate him so much. But I know my death won’t free you. It won’t give you peace. You’re not (view spoiler) Because I’d rather die than become like you. I’d rather die than live with no mercy, no honor, no soul.”

Garret from Talon (Talon #1) by Julie Kagawa – (Review)

A ruse. That’s all it was. Pretend to like this girl. Pretend to have feelings, to pursue some kind of relationship. Earn her friendship and trust, knowing I might have to destroy it, and her, in the end.
It felt wrong. Dirty and underhanded, something they would do. But… I was a soldier, and this was my mission.

Aiden from Half-Blood (Covenant #1) by Jennifer L.  Armentrout – (Review)

“Ever since I’ve met you, I’ve wanted to break every rule.” Aiden turned away, the muscles in his neck tensing. He sighed. “You’ll become the center of someone’s world one day. And he’’ll be the luckiest son of a bitch on this earth.”

obsidian a lux novel jennifer l. armentrout

Daemon from Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout – (Review)

“ She’s a stupid-“
“Be careful what you say next.” Daemon’s voice was low but carried. “Because what you don’t know and what you can’t possibly understand will get a bolt of light in your face.”

Han from The Demon King (Seven Realms #1) by Cinda Williams Chima – (Review)

Han smiled, then, a bright, charming smile that lit up the room, more dangerous than any blade.
All you ever needed was that smile, she thought. I’d have given in immediately.

Prince Ash from The Iron King (Iron Fey #1)  by Julie Kagawa – (Review)

“War?” Something cold touched my cheek, and I glanced up to see snowflakes swirling in a lightening-riddled sky. It was eerily beautiful, and I shivered. “What will happen then?”
Ash stepped closer. His fingers came up to brush the hair from my face, sending an electric shock through me from my spine to my toes. His cool breath tickled my ear as he leaned in.
“I’ll kill you,” he whispered, and walked away.

Connor from Kiss the Sky (Calloway Sisters #1) by Krista and Becca Ritchie – (Review)

“People hope to touch the sky. I dream of kissing it.”

Rob from Scarlet (Scarlet #1) by A. C. Gaughen – (Review)

“Scar,” he said, rough, like rocks were running over his tongue. “I have done so many unforgivable things in my life. Don’t let failing to save you be another.”

Ethan from Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires #1) by Chloe Neill – (Review)

“I am beginning to remember-” He stopped, shook his head, then started again. “I am beginning to remember what it means to need things. Laughter. Companionship. Love.” He leaned forward and pressed his forehead to mine. “And I need you, Merit”

Nox from Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die #1) by Danielle Paige – (Review)

He just stared at me, his gaze intense. I couldn’t look away any more than I could move my arm. Energy crackled between us, and I felt a strange pull to him. Moth to flame. Magnet to magnet. Stupid girl to impossible, slightly mean witch boy. Wizard. Whatever.


obsidian a lux novel jennifer l. armentroutDaemon from Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout – (Review)

Daemon and I…well, we were like magnets that repelled one another.  Feeling anything other than annoyance toward him wasn’t possible, but that damn fluttering was there.
I won’t let anything happen to you.
My chest swelled.  His touch seared me.  Those words filled me with a longing that was overwhelming, unexpected.

angelfall susan eeRaffe from Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) by Susan Ee – (Review)

I nearly stumble over a fallen branch. “You have got to be kidding me.”
“I never kid about my warrior demigod status.”
“Oh. My. God.” I lower my voice, having forgotten to whisper. “You are nothing but a bird with an attitude.Okay, so you have a few muscles, I’ll grant you that. But you know, a bird is nothing but a barely evolved lizard. That’s what you are.”
He chuckles. “Evolution.” He leans over as if telling me a secret. “I’ll have you know that I’ve been this perfect since the beginning of time.” He is so close that his breath caresses my ear.
“Oh, please. Your giant head is getting too big for this forest. Pretty soon, you’re going to get stuck trying to walk between two trees. And then, I’ll have to rescue you.” I give him a weary look. “ Again .”

the iron king julie kagawaPrince Ash from The Iron King (The Iron Fey #1) by Julie Kagawa – (Review)

From the moment you stepped into the Nevernever, you’ve been my undoing. 

The Immortal Rules Julie KagawaZeke from The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa – (Review)

Zeke was a brilliant light that cut through the evil and darkness and bloodlust, down to that tiny part struggling to stay alive. I’d been clinging to his memory, that small piece of hope, ever since I left Eden, and I couldn’t let it go.

Mitchell after the kiss lauren layne from After the Kiss (Sex, Love & Stiletto #1) by Lauren Layne – (Review)

He paused for half a beat, processing what she had said. Then he pulled back and stared at her, looking oddly pleased by her statement. “Well then, let’s get you properly fucked.”








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  1. Kim

    Happy anniversary!🙋🏻

    • Anna

      Thank you Kim!!

  2. Aadivah

    Eeeeeep. Connor is on there!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Cal!!!!!!!!!!!! And Elias!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Ronan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Daemon!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited. And Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joyeux Anniversaire!!!!!!!!!! Feliz Aniversario!!!!!!!!

    • Anna

      YES THEY ARE!!!!!! <333 Thank youuuuuu!! ♥

  3. Arielle Starzynski

    Happy anniversary and love, love, LOVE the list you guys created. So many wonderful BBFs on there. So glad to have found your blog and to have gotten to know you/ fangirl with you all on GR! ♥

    • Anna

      Thank you SO much Arielle!!! You had so much fun creating our 5 lists XD So happy to have gotten to know you too ♥


      • Arielle Starzynski

        Wellll he could fit into the darkest & more tortured & hell, if we’re talking about his relationship to Feyre he could even fit into the nicest lol.

        • Anna

          EXACTLY. I put him in “most tortured”, but I could have put him EVERYWHERE (he’s fierce too, isn’t he? 😍). I had SUCH a hard time choosing his quote, by the way. There are so many OMG 😱

  4. Danielle Hammelef

    Happy Blogiversary! You and I share Garret. in fact, Soldier is up next on the pile!

    • Anna

      Thank you Danielle!! HA, Garret is Chelsea’s baby, and I can see why you would love him too – I know she ADORED Soldier, so enjoy!!

  5. AngelErin

    Happy Blogoversary!! And OMG OMG
    OMG so many great picks on this list. Woo hoo, fantastic ladies!
    AngelErin recently posted…Music Monday- Okay, So I Love Sexy Songs…My Profile

    • Anna

      Thank you Angel!! We had so much fun looking through our BBF 💖 And it’s only the beginning!

  6. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Happy blogoversary!!! I love these fun lists!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Sunday Post & Giveaways Galore – 7/31/16My Profile

    • Anna

      Thank you Nicole!! Glad you liked 😃

  7. Samantha

    Congrats on 2 years!! Thats awesome! Now I am off to add these books to my TBR since most of them I haven’t read yet (crazy, I know!)
    Samantha recently posted…Fool Me Once by Katee Robert: ReviewMy Profile

    • Anna

      Thank you Samantha!! Ha, so curious to see what you think of our boys 😍 Let we know!

  8. Tammy V.

    I would add Warner from the Shatter Me series and all the guys from Kady Cross and her Steampunk Chronicles.

    • Jen

      I haven’t heard of the Steampunk Chronicles before. Thanks for the heads up, I definitely have to check out that series!

      • Tammy V.

        They are very addicting and unique. Don’t forget the novellas.

        • Jen

          I won’t! 🙂

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