BOOK REVIEW – Dreamfever (Fever #4) by Karen Marie MoningDreamfever (Fever #4)
by Karen Marie Moning
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MacKayla Lane lies naked on the cold stone floor of a church, at the mercy of the erotic Fae master she once swore to kill. Far from home, unable to control her sexual hungers, MacKayla is now fully under the Lord Master’s spell.…In New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning’s stunning new novel, the walls between human and Fae worlds have come crashing down. And as Mac fights for survival on Dublin’s battle-scarred streets, she will embark on the darkest—and most erotically charged—adventure of her life.

He has stolen her past, but MacKayla will never allow her sister’s murderer to take her future. Yet even the uniquely gifted sidhe-seer is no match for the Lord Master, who has unleashed an insatiable sexual craving that consumes Mac’s every thought—and thrusts her into the seductive realm of two very dangerous men, both of whom she desires but dares not trust.

As the enigmatic Jericho Barrons and the sensual Fae prince V’lane vie for her body and soul, as cryptic entries from her sister’s diary mysteriously appear and the power of the Dark Book weaves its annihilating path through the city, Mac’s greatest enemy delivers a final challenge.…

It’s an invitation Mac cannot refuse, one that sends her racing home to Georgia, where an even darker threat awaits. With her parents missing and the lives of her loved ones under siege, Mac is about to come face-to-face with a soul-shattering truth—about herself and her sister, about Jericho Barrons…and about the world she thought she knew.


No, no, no, no, NO!  That did NOT just happen!  I started the book sobbing, and well now the same can be said about the end.  Here I thought the beginning was petrifying and that nothing could be more devastating and crushing.  I was wrong, SO unbelievably wrong.  Ironically after everything I’ve been put through, I finally get the obsession.  Through all of the tears, sweaty palms, smiles and laughter, I finally transitioned from like to love.  And now, I’m beyond terrified that I could lose that foothold in Shadowfever.  But rest assured, the majority of this book was a lot of fun to read!  Be prepared for a whole lot of craziness, gasping out loud, and being crushed into the ground while reading Dreamfever.

Who’d’ve thought destruction could be so beautiful?  Seductive.  Consuming.

I don’t want to revisit the beginning of Dreamfever.  It’s just too depressing.  How about I touch on my favorite things instead?  Yes?  Ok, here we go…..

★ Barrons.  THIS is the Barrons I have been begging to see.  I was driven insane with torturous hints and glances of his caring side in the previous books.  Lucky for us, many of his inhibitions and dickheadedness (Yes, I swear that is a word when one is talking about Barrons!) are down for a period of time.  Happy Barrons, silly Barrons, sexy Barrons…..Yes please!  I want and need more!  I don’t believe that he’s just trying to find a means to an end. View Spoiler »  Barrons has a heart, I just know it has to be true!

★Who Mac becomes.  As I’ve said, she is kick ass, ferocious, and powerful.  I loved that about her. But what she becomes in Dreamfever is even more than that.  Knowing what to sacrifice, how to gain exactly what she wants, and how to control are now tools that she uses with ease.  She is magnificent, beyond brave and bold.  Mac is a sight to see and a truly terrifying opponent for her enemies.

★Dani.  Shockingly, she’s in this list.  We get to be in her head for some of the chapters and my goodness, Dani is immature, naive, crass and would do actions without thinking of what the ramifications could be.  Of course she annoyed me.  BUT, when I tore off my annoyances for 2  seconds, I realized that the girl isn’t even 14 years old.  If I think back to how I was at that age, she is doing a hell of a lot better than I ever would have been able to do!  Dani then became funny, a tremendous amount of help and a good friend to Mac.  She became like the little annoying sister that I never had and couldn’t help love.

★The peril!  It was shocking and nothing could strip me away from these pages. I was terrified, fascinated and then overwhelmed. It was perfection. It was everything I was desperately hoping to find in the first three books. And I’m so glad it finally made an appearance in this series!

And I had to wonder: Was this the whole point?  Was it about taking everything from me there was to take?  Was that what life did?  Made you lose everything you cared about and believed in, then killed you?

Truly beautiful things can come out of such horrific situations.  Mac is one of the lucky ones.  So keep continuing on with this series.  Even though you may go through the emotional wringer and have a huge long list of questions, it is more than worth it.

P.S. I was beyond ecstatic when  View Spoiler »

P.P.S. After sleeping on that ending, I woke up in the morning with a HUGE realization.  I think that View Spoiler »

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